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About Us

It all started in 2016 on a trip to India to visit the Taj Mahal where we fell in love with the most incredible fabrics we had ever seen, 100% cashmere and pure silk, all woven in the most beautiful colours and designs.

We returned home and did extensive research and our love of these beautiful fabrics grew into reality and eventually a small bespoke business. How to choose a business name we asked? Keep it simple we said.


So we did and Cashmere & Silk was born!

In 2019 we ventured out to Kathmandu in Nepal to follow up on digital printing on cashmere and also on silk. We were bowled over by the country and the people and have now developed strong links with a family run business specialising in hand spun and hand loomed cashmere. We can now offer a bespoke service printing your digital design on a choice of either 100% cashmere or pure silk.

We have made it our mission to bring you some of the finest quality bespoke scarves in 100% cashmere and pure silk. We are a small business offering a personal service and we firmly believe in our ethos.

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Please feel free to browse our website and Lookbook and contact us if we can collaborate with you on a personal project.

Alternatively, visit us at any one of the shows and events during the year where we will be exhibiting and have a chat and treat yourself to some luxury.

You deserve it!

About Our Scarves

Cashmere comes from the Changthangi goats (also known as Changra, or Pashmina goat) and can be found in the region of Kashmir and across the Himalayas.

Temperatures can drop to as low as -20 at night in some areas and up to 40 degrees in the height of Summer. To counter these extremes of temperature the Kashmir goat has adapted perfectly over thousands of years to produce wool which is finer, lighter, stronger and up to three times more insulating than sheep's wool.

It is known worldwide as the pinnacle of luxury woollen fabrics for good reason.

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Silk is also a speciality of the Kashmir region, with the raw mulberry silk trade dating back to over 2000 BC. Known for the many varied manufacturing techniques, the silk trade has become quite literally interwoven with the cashmere trade, which has in turn produced some of the World’s most delicate and beautiful fabrics.

We hope you will enjoy, love and treasure these beautiful cashmere and silk scarves as much as we do. We look forward to meeting you, see you soon!

Wendy, Valerie and Trina