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Thank you for taking the time to read about us, our story, and how our wonderful company, Cashmere & Silk, came to be!

It all started when myself and my business partner embarked on a trip to India to gain an insight into the highest quality hand made Cashmere fabrics, produced locally, with a rough business plan and a great deal of enthusiasm. Naturally we headed for the hustle and bustle of Delhi, and the Artisan Craft Markets where we were advised by the local traders the real quality was to be found.

It was there we found a small, highly respected family run business producing quite simply the most incredible fabrics we had ever seen. Wahid and Yan had travelled to the Delhi Craft Market from their base in Kashmir, the historical home of the wool we had gone to source. Cashmere, of course, is a modern derivative of the word ‘Kashmir’ – the home of the industry.

Wahid and Yan had a herd of Changthangi Goats (also known as Changra, or Pashmina Goat) they had been breeding for generations, the farm and lands handed down through the family from Father to Son. This was their life. This was what they loved, and we saw that from the very second they introduced themselves.

We simply knew this was the supplier we wanted to work with.

The region of Kashmir is the Northernmost area of India bordering China, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Temperatures can drop to -20 at night in some areas and up to 40 degrees in the height of Summer. To counter these extremes of temperature the Kashmir Goat has adapted perfectly over thousands of years to produce wool which is finer, lighter, stronger and up to three times more insulating than sheeps wool. It’s known worldwide as the pinnacle of luxury woollen fabrics for good reason.

Silk is also a speciality of the Kashmir region, with the raw mulberry silk trade dating back to over 2000 BC. Known for the many varied manufacturing techniques, the Indian Silk trade has become quite literally interwoven with the Cashmere trade, which has in turn produced some of the World’s most delicate and beautiful fabrics.

Wahid and Yan already produced Cashmere and Silk blend fabrics of incredible quality and detail, as well as pure Indian Silk. Once again we were taken aback by the intricacy of the clever dyeing techniques, the fabric weave, and heavenly feel of both the blended and pure silk fabrics. We just knew we had to have these in our range too. We couldn’t leave them behind.

So from the intention of selling only Cashmere, we also fell in love with Silk.

After a long, hot day with much achieved we finally collapsed in our Hotel room that evening and decided to choose a final business name. Keep it simple, we said. So we did.

It’s what we love. It’s what we do.

We made it our mission to bring you some of the finest quality scarves in the world at a fraction of the price you’d pay in Exclusive Department Stores, High-End Boutiques and Fashion Malls of the world. We’re a small business with small overheads, so we don’t need high prices to cover these, and we firmly believe in our ethos.

It’s a simple equation. We direct source the products ourselves to cut out the middle-man, keep overheads to an absolute minimum, and supply the most beautiful products you’d pay three or four times more for elsewhere. You can have the highest quality at high street prices, and we’re proving that right now, right here.

So, please feel free to browse our online store – and treat yourself to some luxury.

You deserve it, and we hope you’ll love and treasure these beautiful Cashmere and Silk scarves as much as we do.



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